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Johan de Jong

A sleeping cat aka lazy programmer

I will always look for a lazy person – he will find an easy way to solve the problem

~ Bill Gates
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How it all started

With programming as a hobby it only makes sense to make a job out of it. Having my first computer at age 6 (for playing games of course) I learned my way around both the hardware and software side.

At age 12 I started to get interested in making my games, so I rented a book from the library about Java and got working on a (simple) chess game. A couple years later I learned about PHP and started focussing on learning the code by simple adding and removing lines of code from existing codebases to see what it did and when it would break.

Commondore C64 - The start of my development career
it's not only about work

Personal projects

Code snippet of UNITAF Framework mod

In my years of development I didn't only work with PHP, but also played around with other languages. And as a gamer most of the time my home projects ended up with writing code for games.

Some of my personal projects: