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How to use Core Web Vitals & Google Pagespeed Insights - featured image

How to use Core Web Vitals & Google Pagespeed Insights


In my job I work on SEO and that means having a good website. With tools like Pagespeed Insights and the Core Web Vitals it’s possible to measure if your website is “good”. But how does that reflect on SEO? And more importantly; what do these metrics mean and how to use them to improve your website.

Definitive Guide to Redirects - featured image

Definitive Guide to Redirects


Redirects are a SEO experts biggest friend but at the same time something that can kill your SEO scores when done wrong. This guide will explain which types of redirects there are, how they work and when to use them properly.

Sticky header with show/hide on scroll - featured image

Sticky header with show/hide on scroll


This snippet allows you to make (almost) any header sticky on the page which hides itself when you scroll down, but pops-up again when you scroll up. And as a bonus a step-by-step guide on how to implement this in Oxygen Builder.

Understanding Cache - featured image

Understanding Cache


In a world where websites need to be fast and everyone shouts to optimize everything, there is one thing which is always mentioned: "cache". But what is it, how does it work and which layers of cache are there?